Secure Affordable Composite Doors in Solihull

Secure Affordable Composite Doors in Solihull

Composite doors are one of the strongest and most secure door available for residential homes in the UK. They are generally used as front and back doors and can withstand tremendous force to help protect your home from burglars and home invaders. In recent years Solihull has seen an increase in domestic burglaries and violent crimes. As a result composite doors are becoming popular among home owners to help safe guard their homes, valuables, and families.

As the name suggests composite doors are made from a composition of different materials. The body of the door contains a strong, lightweight, timber core that is pressed together with other materials under high pressure conditions. The resulting compressed block is covered in a glass reinforced polyester skin created by thermosetting polyester resin and glass fibres. This is the same material used to build surfboards, bicycles and helicopter rotor blades. It’s very strong.

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What’s the difference between regular doors and composite doors?

In contrast to composite doors regular UPVC doors contain a foam, or fibreglass, core. These materials are not very strong against force and can be easily penetrated making them impractical as a security defence. Some doors are even made up of removable panels which makes such doors as useful as a chocolate teapot.

Another important difference is size and thickness. Regular doors are between 20mm and 30mm thick. Whereas composite doors are much thicker, between 35mm and 65mm. This makes them very strong and also helps to reduce noise, and improve thermal efficiency.

Rigorous testing has demonstrated the effectiveness of composite doors when compared to UPVC foam and fibreglass counterparts. Many homes in the UK are still fitted with insecure doors. If you’re a home owner you should be worried because the results are shocking. Watch the video …

The results showed that foam and fibreglass doors were found to be extremely ineffective and insecure. In one test it took a burglar only 5 seconds to access a property by hammering a hole in the door and unlocking it from the inside.

The composite door on the other hand outperformed every other type of door. It was impenetrable. After repeatedly hitting the door for 60 seconds with a steel sledgehammer the door was barely scratched. The locks and hinges remained intact and the integrity of the door was not compromised. They’re so tough they can even withstand a solid metal police enforcer!

High Security

The UPVC frame of the composite door is reinforced with hardened steel. The frame is securely fixed to the wall with toughened frame fixings. The fixings are implanted deep into the masonry to ensure the structural frame can withstand extreme pressure and force.

It’s composite design along with high security locking systems such as the ATK cylinder means picking, drilling, bumping, crowbar attacks, chisel attacks and cylinder attacks are impossible. For additional security doors can be fitted with steel bolts alongside the hinges. This protects inward opening doors from being forced open from the hinge side and provides additional stability and support.

How much does a composite door cost?

You should expect to pay a bit more than you would for a regular UPVC door. Prices typically start from around £900. In the long run you save money by significantly improving the energy efficiency, security, and privacy of your home.

How long does a composite door last?

Composite doors last longer than regular UPVC doors. They can last as long as 35 years provided moving parts are kept clean and hinges are oiled every 12 months. The polyester skin makes them very easy to clean with warm soapy water.

Available in numerous styles and designs

Composite doors are available in a selection of different styles, colours, and textures . They can be designed to match your home, architecture and personal preferences. The most popular colours are black, red, and blue. Some designs are made to look like natural wood.

Doors can also include high security laminated glass that allows light to penetrate while keeping the home safe and secure. This is the same glass used on car window screens to protect passengers. The glass is built into the overall structure and can withstand the same force as the door. It does not shatter and is impossible to penetrate without mechanical force.

How long does it take to fit a composite door?

Fitting a composite door is relatively simple and only takes between 3 to 4 hours by a skilled fitter. Sometimes lintels may need to be replaced. Damage to brickwork can occur during removal of the old frame but is easily repaired.


Some doors are marketed and sold as composite doors but in fact contain a weak foam core that consists of either high density foam or fiberglass. Doors containing foam or fibreglass are not secure and are not recommended. Always purchase a door that contains a timber or metal core.

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